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Connor CaseyConnor Casey 
So I'm trying to create a Flow Action button on the standard Account page that will evaluate if the Account is "live" (via the 'is_active_c' and 'activation_date_c' fields), and ask a series of questions based on whatever the initial Decision Element finds to be true. At the end of Flow, I need a Case to automatically be created that is linked to the Account the interview started from.

I created a Variable for recordID (per this article ( The first step is a Record Lookup that searches for Accounts where ID = the Variable recordID (see below). 

User-added image
I then assigned the Account's fields to Variables (above) so I could reference them in the Decision Element (below). 

User-added image
There are a series of questions after that, but I know that the recordID and/or the !AccountActivationDate and !IsActive Variables aren't being passed through since the flow will only take a user down the [Default Outcome] path, even when it should meet the Yes/No Outcomes. 

Does anyone know of a way to get the Account ID (should be recordID), and the "Activation Date" and "Is Active" fields to pass through so that the Decision Element evaluates them correctly? 
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
It should be recordId and not recordID. Its is case sensitive :-)
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Jonathan HochbergJonathan Hochberg 

I'm curious about this Trailhead Academy session. My team and I have just begun implementing B2B Commerce (Lightning) with our existing Sales Cloud, and have been noticing that there isn't as much material in Trailhead as we'd hoped, specifically regarding the nuances of integration between the two.

Our concern is that this session is oriented more towards the older Visualforce edition of B2B, given reference to "CC Admin Configuration vs. Code Extension", and that we will not get what we need out of it.

Can anyone provide insight, please? Thanks!

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Shibu AbrahamShibu Abraham
Hi Jonathan - I just finished the academy training on B2B Commerce Cld - and can confirm that it covers the Visualforce implementation. At present there's no Lightning version available - but there's documentation to help set up B2B Commerce Cloud for Lightning Experience:
Kanani GuytonKanani Guyton 
I'm currently using Marketing Cloud Connect to integrate with our Sales Cloud.  How do I enable the sales cloud canvas activities in Journey Builder?
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Core Elements Salesforce DeveloperCore Elements Salesforce Developer
I have an update.  After putting in a support ticket I've learned that Sales & Service Cloud Activities must be activated on the backend by someone at Salesforce.  
Lester MartinezLester Martinez 
Is there any way or work-around to being able to track engagement on a piece of video on a Pardot Landing Page, then attributing a completion action depending on the level of engagement?

If the user plays the video = adjust score
If the user completes up to 25% of video = adjust score
If the user completes up to 50% of video = adjust score

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Ines GarciaInes Garcia
Hi Lester,

You can use google tag manager to trigger from video, for example check this out on youtube sample:
and here the salesforce knowledge article on using google tag and pardot:

Hope this helps,

Brian OconnellBrian Oconnell 
Every time I log into my full copy sandbox, it opens in lightning experience.  Which we are still years away from being able to implement.  I switch back to classic experience, but when I log in again, it's back to Lightning.  How can I stop this?
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Rajesh Varma MudunuriRajesh Varma Mudunuri
You can disable it by going to > Lightning Experience Migration Assistant > Setup users >  'Encourage Users to Stay in Lightning Experience
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Sam VanrintelSam Vanrintel 

I've been using a normal http vanity url for most of my forms and pages without problems, but now they want to include a Pardot form inside an iFrame on a page with https and browsers won't show the form because it is not secure.

I did find out I could just use the original url "" and change this to https, f. e.
-> This used to work, but last week suddenly all of these stopped working for at least an entire day so I'm a bit afraid of the stability?

Is it ok if we use this kind of https urls?

And can we perhaps get a https-version of our vanity url somehow?

Kind regards,
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EdEd ( 
Hi Sam,

I found a discussion from the Pardot group which could be related to yours:

For more advice, may I also suggest posting your query over to the same group. You can join via the link below:

Michael VenmanMichael Venman 
Hi all.

I'm looking to update an Status field on the Account record which is dependent on whether they have received an invoice in the last 60 days.  The field update would look like "Update Status to 'Prospect'".

I can't have a workflow update the records, because it would need to be "touched" or "saved" in order to fire.

I am looking into writing an APEX Trigger with some sort of logic like "IF(TODAY() - Last_Invoice_Date > 60)", but am a novice when it comes to triggers.

I also wanted to consider time based workflows, but it would need to be triggered everytime we get an invoice for 60 days out, then if we get another invoice, it would need to update the trigger for another 60 days out and cancel the update that was previously scheduled.

Any help finding the best option would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!
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Krzysztof NowackiKrzysztof Nowacki
Hi Michael,
You can consider workflows time based actions looking at the facts that
"Salesforce recalculates the time trigger as long as the time trigger has not yet fired and the recalculation does not reschedule the time trigger to a date in the past."
Ajay ChandrapatleAjay Chandrapatle 
Hey Guys,
I am trying to Learn Apex from Scratch, I have cleared Admin  Certification 2017 Spring recently, but almost Zero in Programming, Hence request to suggest the resources which would help me to Learn Apex and other programming languages required on sfdc.. Thanks..
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Guna Sekhar PGuna Sekhar P
Hi Ajay,

Please visit:

Marketing Cloud - DO NOT FOLLOWMarketing Cloud - DO NOT FOLLOW 
Im trying to get a high level explanation on the difference between Automation Studio and Journey Builder.
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Marketing Cloud - DO NOT FOLLOWMarketing Cloud - DO NOT FOLLOW
Same question here--looking for some practical experience with both tools. Are there any clients that have any feedback?
Dave PatriccaDave Patricca 

I'm building out a set of e-mails events. The series includes a confirmation, reminder, and thank you email. I also need the ability to include an event update / cancellation email. 

I know this is something that isn't doable with ET's Programs, or Automation studio and am unsure if this could be accomplished with Triggered Sends. Would Journey Builder be able to accomodate a campaign such as this, or would the update / cancellation messages be manual sends only?


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Dave PatriccaDave Patricca
Thanks, Eric!