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Markus HebelerMarkus Hebeler 
When we go to a contact and send an email (tab 'Activity History', button 'Send an email'): The sender of the email is always "<> on behalf of John Doe  <> (assuming that user 'John Doe' has actually sent the email.
Why is that? Why isn't it sent from John Doe directly, but from And how can I change it?
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Ankit KumarAnkit Kumar
Hi Markus!

I understand your concern and this is a common question I have come accross. Please find the solution with detailed steps to remove the <> on behalf

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Monali ChaudhariMonali Chaudhari 
Hi Everyone, I have created a quick action "Send email"  for case object without ant template. Can we remove the ref id which is there in email received by customer from user. If yes then, how can we remove ref ID. 
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Ankit KumarAnkit Kumar

Hi Monali!

Yes, in order to remove the ref ID from a case, follow the below steps:

Go To Email To Case Setting > Uncheck the following checkboxes:

Insert Thread ID in the Email Subject
Insert Thread ID in the Email Body

Attached for visual assistance.

User-added image

I hope you were able to get this resolved. 

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Steve ConnellySteve Connelly 
I see where we can add merge fields from the Contact, User, and Organization objects but nothing for the Account object.

Any help out there on this one? My users what to be able to insert a mrge field for the Account name.

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Mark ThomasMark Thomas
I followed your advice Shashank. You need to edit the merge field a little to make sure it works as expecteed. Old merge fields look like this, {!Account.Name}. It needs to look like this, {{{Account.Name}}}. Also the account needs to be associated with the email in order for the merge field to work. 
Piyali ChowdhuryPiyali Chowdhury 
I recently created a VF template, when i tried sending an email from a record under the activity section, selecting the VF template, i got the below error:

User-added image
Though i can send the email to a 'Contact' or 'Lead' but not 'User'. Any other templates don't fetch me this error but only when using a visualforce template. Something to do with the setTargetObjectId? 
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Marshal BoipaiMarshal Boipai

In which object do you use for ?

If you are using the Case object and there is a Email Quick action. I believe you can send the email to a User or any valid email address.

Ruth KunakhovichRuth Kunakhovich 
We have web-to-lead set up. We have lead assignment rules, and the owner gets an email notification. When the owner goes to assign this lead to their sales team, they tick the "Send Notification Email" box, and nothing happens. I've checked workflow rules, verification rules, email settings and I am at my wit's end trying to figure this out. Anyone have a similar experience?
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Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
Hello Ruth,
This is a very common issue which most users have faced. Salesforce has fixed it and it has always recurred again.

I would recommend you to Create a simple workflow rule and add an email alert to it. This should fix the problem and you need not rely on the "Send Notification Email" checkbox.

Workflow Criteria:

Try to install this critical update,as it mentions it fixes the problem:

Stop Automated Field Updates from Suppressing Email Notifications (Critical Update)
Yura IYura I 
I am trying to get a better understanding between Process Builder and Workflow Rules. Most of the information online about the two is outdated, and from what I am able to derive is that Process Builder can do everything that Workflow can, for the exception of outbound messages. I would like to know if that limitation has been resolved and Process Builder is capable to now send outbound messages. Thank you.
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Mira ShahMira Shah
Hello Yura,
Please see below link of similiar issue.

Help Link
Molly CarusoMolly Caruso 
I am the record owner of various leads and contacts in a campaign. I don't want to send the list email to ALL campaign member, but rather only the lead/contact records I own.
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Danielle LapidusDanielle Lapidus
Hi Molly,
Try creating two new list views: One for the contacts you own and one for the  leads you own in the campaign. Then you can select one of these list views to send email to, instead of the entire campaign member list.

Hope this helps,
Danielle Lapidus
Steve HawksSteve Hawks 
I am trying to automate emailing a survey link to a contact when an opportunity is Close Won or Lost.  I am using Process Builder to generate Survey Invitation records with an Invitation Link.

I am attempting to create an email template that can be used to email the URL of the invitation.  When I select the field type of "Survey Invitation Fields" on the email template there is not a Select Field option for "Invitation Link" (InvitationLink).  Is there any reason why this field would be "hidden" here?

As a work around I tried to create a formula field on the Survey Invitation object that could be used to make the URL visible on the email template; however, the Invitation Link field does not appear as a field option.  Perhaps the two "missing" field issues are related?

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David ClaiborneDavid Claiborne
The invitation link, for some reason, is not available in process builder So you have to construct the link from its components in process builder. There is an idea to fix this -

This is the syntax for the link - https://<org hosting survey - regular org or community - must be hard-coded>/survey/<Id of Survey Invitation record - accessible in process builder>&surveyName=<api name of parent Survey record - must be hard coded>&UUID=<UUID field created when Survey Invitation record is created - accessible in process builder>

The way others have done this is to store the hard-coded pieces as custom labels or custom settings. Either of these can then be referenced in the process builder
jp seaburyjp seabury 

The Winter'19 Release introduced the ability to see when emails bounce back in Lightning (see release notes here ( I enabled the features (Email > Deliverability > Activate Bounce Management AND Enhanced Email > Enable).

I created a test contact with an invalid email address, and sent an email through Salesforce. As expected, the email bounced, and the bounce notification appeared near the email address of the contact record.

I udpated the test contact, changing the email address to a valid email. When I saved the record, the bounced email notification did not clear. User documentation indicated that it would ("If the user has update rights to the record, the user can update the contact’s email address to remove the bounce warning.").

The only way I found I could clear the warning is if I switched back to Classic, which has the "Confirm Email Address" and "Save and Remove Bounce Alert" feature. The latter seems missing in Lightning. 

Now "Only Lightning" users cannot send an email to any contact that has had a bounced email in the past, even if that bounce issue is resolved or if the email address is corrected. 

These users don't know anything about Salesforce Classic. Is there any way to clear the email bounce alert without leaving Lightning?

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Matthijs KoksMatthijs Koks
No problem. Salesforce Support sent me the following 'Known Issue' link:

Unfortunately, the status is on No Fix.
Esin Soufis-LawEsin Soufis-Law 
I need help with "Use Picklists in Formulas" hand on Challenge. I am stuck with this module. I am keep getting the below message. i must be missing  a step . Any ideas ??? 

Many thanks 


User-added image
User-added image
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Tony TrinhTony Trinh
Hi Esin,

Please check your field Reason_for_Escalating__c and uncheck the "Required"
You need to check this in two places: in the field itself and on the Page Layout.

The challenge checks all validations so you need to disable that.