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Luigi De MarcoLuigi De Marco 
I always receive this error
We can't find a prediction named 'VeloStars Membership Likelihood'. Make sure that you spelled the name correctly and saved the prediction. 

but the model was created correctly and enabled. 
I completed also the next steps of the project but this one (the second) is always failing
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Brian KesslerBrian Kessler
I managed to pass this:

1. I created a NEW Developer Edition org with Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Next Best Action ( and connected it to Trailhead.

2. I retook this unit. 
The description of 9b has already been modified in the Trailhead.  The image no longer displays a fixed date but instead displays "Now() Minus 2 yrs".  I was not actually able to enter that (I didn't expect to be), but entered the date "April 1, 2019".
I followed the rest of the steps as given.  If you are impatient, you don't need to wait for the prediction to finish before checking the step.

May HarrisonMay Harrison 
Einstein Bot operates based on the permission set named 'sfdc.chatbot.service.permset'. However, this permission set does not allow for giving Edit access to Chatter Feed. I have attached screenshots of errors when trying to assign these permissions.

I tried to assign the permissions by changing the profile of the Einstein Bot user and found that its user profile is set as hidden.

All my chatter settings are configured correctly. Standard users can make chatter posts but not Einstein Bot.

Can someone share advice? Thank you.
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May HarrisonMay Harrison
Changing the bot running user resolved the issue here
Deborah OrthDeborah Orth 
I'm getting an error on the Trailhead Project "Build Advanced Einstein Analytics Dashboards", step 3, Engage Users with Animated Pages.  The error reads: Error: Faraday::ClientError. Message: 550: To retrieve a lens with aggregateflex type containing query values, you need API version 46 or higher

I've got a brand new DE Analytics org and have succesfully completed Step 1 & 2, (after a few issues that resulted in errors as well, but it finally got past) but this one I can't seem to get to validate.

I've also confirmed the org API is 47.0.  Having read a few other Trailhead Analytic issue postings I went into Settings and enabled all the Analytic setting but that didn't fix the validation error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Caryl WangCaryl Wang
Same error happened to me, what i did is to redo the table widget - make sure you only have two columns - "Opportuntiy" and "Sum of Amount". I had the values table instead of compare table and had that error. Hope this helps. 
Vyshnavi KandalaVyshnavi Kandala 
Hi All,
I have accidentally deleted a dashboard from Einstein Analytics (Sandbox), I have also restored it from the recycle bin. Even after restroring, I don't see it my App. Where else can I find it?
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Ashwin PAshwin P
Hi Vyshnavi, 

Unfortunately to my knowledge, we dont have a solution to this. 
We have an idea logged :

Kindly upvote this idea to get this important feature .
Sandra PalmesSandra Palmes 
Hi, I don't know if I phrased my question properly. What I'm trying to do is I want to restrict the list view widget from being changed by users. Upon opening the dashboard what they should see is their own account (I've done this). Is there perhaps a way to prevent users from viewing other accounts? Any help is appreciated, thank you!
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Shivam KumarShivam Kumar

Hi there,
I dont think so but still check this link:


Michele TancorraMichele Tancorra 
Hi all,
every time a dataflow fails or finish with a warning, warning mail are sent to me (who scheduled the flow) and all the other Admin.
Is possible to select the people to deliver those mail?
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Kapil BatraKapil Batra
Yes the functionality is not available right now. But I have created an Idea for it over the community. Please upvote it using below link :
Connor SmallConnor Small 
I am trying to add text labels to a dashboard and I cannot find the text widget? is this only available inside the analytics studio.
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Rachel FrazerRachel Frazer
As far as I can tell, you can only add text at the component level using the Dashboards tab. You can add a Title, Subtitle and Footer to an individual component.
Add Component Popup
Mark WhittenburgMark Whittenburg 
My Read Receipts display oldest not newest and the Lable always shows 20 new read receipts however those are not new they're old. 
 Recent Read Receipts not displaying
The same number, 20, is always displayed and those are old read receipts.
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Michael MosbyMichael Mosby
This worked for me:

Salesforce Inbox is the old plugin....That plugin above works great.  New layout, same functionality.
Christopher DelaneyChristopher Delaney 
Hello Salesforce, 

When I go to run a recipe in einstien analytics sutudios the error I recieve is "Unexpected end of JSON input" this is the first time that I am seeing this error and all of the recipes ran succesfully this morning without triggering that error. 

Any assistiance or words of advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you, 

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Sudhakar ViparthiSudhakar Viparthi

Hi Christopher,
Contacted EA team and here is the reason. It is workng fine now for me.

Bug reference number: W-8518145
fix has been released(via eRelease)..

Dan PaulDan Paul 
I've been migrating Einstein assets using change sets (via a tool called flosum) for a while now.  It's been a slow process since we need to upload data into datasest from csv's, create or update dataflows, run them, then migrate dashboards (due to their environment specific ids).  So in general it's been a slow process when repeatedly doing it to fresh environments. 

Has anyone figured out a better way?  
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Prabhat MishraPrabhat Mishra
Hi Dan,

Templated apps looks like a good fit for your case. You can expose the unfixed columns as variables to be selected by the user when configuring the app via template. While it will make the configuration a bit easier, the time aspect will not be affected as much.

you might find this video ( helpful.