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Gabriele CianciGabriele Cianci 
Hello everyone,
I'm new user of Einstein Analytics and I'm tryin g to complete Einstein Analytics Data Preparation Specialist challenges.
The third challenge ask me to 'Create Seed Bank Agencies'. I did it but this error appears:
"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
We can't validate the 'Create Seed Bank Agencies' node was created correctly. Check the required fields, field types, node name, and alias are correct."

I tried to restart challenge, to use another dev org, to follow the same procedure of other users but this error always appears.
Anyonw knows a solution?

Thank you
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Ankush AgarwalAnkush Agarwal
Hi Gabriele,

You may refer below link for solution of this issue:

Issue is with the Agency Detail.txt file. While Importing the file please change the Longtitude and Latitude to to "Dimension".
Delete the file from existingf dataflow and perform Edgemart again to import the same file. Update your dataflow and run it. It will get Pass.
Barb DowneyBarb Downey 
We have a large dataset in Einstein that is sourced with a CSV. Every month we have been replacing the data with a new csv that included the current month. (This file is 5 years of data). My question is this.... what are the pros and cons of using a Salesforce custom object as a source of the dataset rather than using a large csv everytime? 

It has been a nightmare because the data comes out of our backend DB and needs manual clean up every time.If we could use our custom object it would be so much easier to maintain.
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Akchhat MehrotraAkchhat Mehrotra

There is no problem in storing a data in custom object.
You can schedule a weekly or daily refresh as well. If you are not making changes in old data then Incremental refresh will be good but if data is changing then you can set it to Perodic full refresh.

Nivedita ShuklaNivedita Shukla 
I want to have similar data with Einstein Dataflow .Currently I have done join with table and getting below table value
Current Table:
Field Type  targetId  confidence
F1            t1        30
F1            t1        90
F1            t1          50  
F1            t1        10  
F2            t1          10
F2            t1          20
F2            t1          70
F2            t1          40    

we want only top3 based on confidence descending and based on field type and targetId

Field Type  targetId  confidence
F1            t1        90
F1            t1        50
F1            t1          30  
F2            t1          70
F2            t1          40
F2            t1          20

Any help would be appriciated.

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Nivedita ShuklaNivedita Shukla
Hi Andrew, Why I need in data label because of row limitation in einstein analytics dashboard. Since we will have 15 records per cases due to einstein recommendation and it would be problem going ahead. So wanted to get confidence field so that i can show them as multivalue . Thanks, Nivedita
Deborah OrthDeborah Orth 
I'm getting an error on the Trailhead Project "Build Advanced Einstein Analytics Dashboards", step 3, Engage Users with Animated Pages.  The error reads: Error: Faraday::ClientError. Message: 550: To retrieve a lens with aggregateflex type containing query values, you need API version 46 or higher

I've got a brand new DE Analytics org and have succesfully completed Step 1 & 2, (after a few issues that resulted in errors as well, but it finally got past) but this one I can't seem to get to validate.

I've also confirmed the org API is 47.0.  Having read a few other Trailhead Analytic issue postings I went into Settings and enabled all the Analytic setting but that didn't fix the validation error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Caryl WangCaryl Wang
Same error happened to me, what i did is to redo the table widget - make sure you only have two columns - "Opportuntiy" and "Sum of Amount". I had the values table instead of compare table and had that error. Hope this helps. 
michele tancorramichele tancorra 
Hi all,
I have a dashboard that is based on a dataset (A).
I want to change dataset A with dataset B (this datasaet have the same fields but different values).
Is possible to change dataset without change the entire dashboard? (es. modifing the JSON of the dashboard)

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Akshay AhujaAkshay Ahuja
Hello Michele,

Yes. You can change the dataset reference in the dashboard JSON. Here are the steps:

1. Open the new dataset as a lens. Press Ctrl + E on Windows (or Cmd + E on Mac). This will open the JSON code for that lens. Go to the bottom and copy the dataset definition. Looks something like this:

User-added image

2. Go to the dashboard and open it in JSON mode (Press Ctrl + E on Windows or Cmd + E on Mac). Go to the bottom section and replace the dataset definition. Basically remove definition for dataset A and add daatset definition for B.

3. Search for the reference of dataset A in all the steps. You can do a Ctrl + F and serach for dataset A. Replace each one of them with Dataset B. If it a step in compact form, then the dataset definition will be in above form (as shown in screenshot). If the step is is in SAQL form, then you just have to replace the name of the dataset in the load statement.

4. Click Done. If done correctly, the dashboard would reference the new dataset.

Before doing this, make sure that all the field names in both datasets are same.

Hope this helps. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Ole MinksOle Minks 
Hello together,

I have strange behavior. For the folowing Trail (; Step 3) i should try out the conversational query function. Its no problem to ask the qeustion and select the option afterwards "clip to dashboard". But then i cant find it under my dataset as a query so i could drag it into my dashboard. Do i miss something or do i look at the wrong place? 

User-added image

User-added image

User-added image

Thank you in advance
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Andrew GordineerAndrew Gordineer
Had the same issue. Here is my workaround: 
1. Click the '+' symbol next to "DTC Opportunities"
User-added image
2. Type the query from Trailhead into the box labeled "What do you want to see..."
User-added image
3. Click "Done"
User-added image
4. Drag the newly created "Opportunity_Name_1" query onto the table widget. 
User-added image
5. Verify Step on Trailhead. 
Tom JansenTom Jansen 
Hello all,

I know this is kind of a copy question, but I already found the cookbook to set up the Einstein Bot to fetch Knowledge Articles.

The problem that I'm having is that my bot seems to have no rights for knowledgearticleversion. 

I see the following error in the bot logs: "An Apex error occurred: System.QueryException: sObject type 'knowledgearticleversion' is not supported. "

Because when I execute the code in anonymous, it works just fine.

Has someone else stumbled upon this problem and found a solution for this?
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Tom JansenTom Jansen
I found the answer myself, way easier than I thought.

You just have to give the rights in the permission set for bots.
Read and View All rights for the Knowledge Object.
Sam LairdSam Laird 
I've followed the instructions here but, I'm trying to give the connector the permission, I get this error:  The user license doesn't allow the permission: Use Analytics
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Kevin DickeyKevin Dickey
Hi Sam,
I was having a lot of issues as well. It seems the information I was sent had wrong information. Here is the correct information I just got from support that worked:

For your convenience, I've listed out the specific steps that are needed, but please let me know if I can elaborate:

** Enable Replication in Salesforce:

- In Salesforce, click Setup.
- Enter "Analytics" in the Quick Find box on the left side, then select Settings.
- Select Enable Replication, and then click Save.

** Enable Campaign Influence in your org:

- In Salesforce, go to Setup.
- In the Quick Find search bar, search for “Campaign Influence Settings”
- If you do not Campaign Influence already enabled, click Enable. Save.

** Assign the "Analytics Embedded App" Permission Set license to all Salesforce users who need access to B2B Marketing Analytics.

- In the Setup menu, click Manage Users | Users.
- Click the name of a user you want to have access to B2B Marketing Analytics.
- Position the cursor over Permission Set License Assignments and click Edit Assignments.
- Select the "Analytics Embedded App" permission set license and click Save.

** In Salesforce, assign your Pardot connector user (username:) the Manage Einstein Analytics permission set.

- From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.
- Select your connector user with username 
- In the Permission Set Assignments related list, click Edit Assignments.
- To assign a permission set, select it under Available Permission Sets and click Add. Save.

** In Salesforce, create a new custom permission set: "Use Analytics"

- Setup > search for Permission Sets.
- Follow the remaining steps in each article below:

** Assign any Salesforce users who should have access to B2B Marketing Analytics the "Use Analytics" permission set you just created.

- From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.
- Select your user.
- In the Permission Set Assignments related list, click Edit Assignments.
- To assign a permission set, select it under Available Permission Sets and click Add. Save.

Please let me know once these steps have been taken, and I can double-check that the setup is completed. Thank you!
Connor SmallConnor Small 
I am trying to add text labels to a dashboard and I cannot find the text widget? is this only available inside the analytics studio.
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Rachel FrazerRachel Frazer
As far as I can tell, you can only add text at the component level using the Dashboards tab. You can add a Title, Subtitle and Footer to an individual component.
Add Component Popup
Michael BergerMichael Berger 
I am trying to do my first dashboard in Einstein Analytics using the campaign object.  When I have done classic reports and dashboards it's very easy to filter on the Campaign record type which is essential for the dashboards I am building.  When I created the dataflow into Analytics there was no option in the Field Selector to choose Campaign Record Type. The only thing I had available was the record type ID which is the long hexadecimal field and not helpful.  Any thoughts on how to overcome this?
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Federico GriggioFederico Griggio

An augment transformation should do. 
You load the record type object and link it via the record type id