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Udi ShvekeyUdi Shvekey 
In order to submit a support case, I need to choose the org I want the support for. 
But, when I try to view my orgs in order to choose the one I want to connect, it is not there.

How can I get out of this loop? I need to submit a case with support but cannot because does not see my org!!!
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Manasa UdupiManasa Udupi
Hi Udi,

Production : If the issue you're facing is in the Production, then you could log a case here :

Developer sandbox : Developers can get support by logging a case in the Production org and providing the ID of the sandbox.

Free Dev org : I don't think Salesforce provides support for free Dev orgs.Free Developer orgs do not show up under Select your org. Here is an open idea for enabling logging a case for Free Dev orgs (
Kaylin JendrewskiKaylin Jendrewski 

How can I lock-down "Closed Won" opportunties so my reps can not change / alter any information once they are Closed?

Is this a validation rule?
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Kaylin,
Thats right , you will need a validation rule
the formula will be as below
TEXT(PRIORVALUE(StageName)) = 'Closed Won'
If you want to exclude the System Administrators from the validation rule the formula will be as below
$Profile.Name <> 'System Administrator',
TEXT(PRIORVALUE(StageName)) = 'Closed Won'
Raghvendra SinghRaghvendra Singh 
Hi Everyone,
I am newbee and thought try to take a stab on this superbadge. I need help with the following:

"From Setup in Salesforce Classic, override the account tab with the Accounts Tab Visualforce page, which is included in the superbadge package that you installed earlier."
"Also in Salesforce Classic, add the Destination Success Registration component to the DE Default Home Page layout."
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
For home page -> Setup -> Customize -> Home => Home Page Layouts -> Edit DE default layout -> Click "    Destination Success Registration" and next and Save
User-added image

For Overriding the Account Tab -> Setup -> Customize -> Accounts -> Buttons, Links, and Actions -> Edit Next to Accounts Tab -> Select Visualforce Page and from drop down select -> Accounts Tab and Save It

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Nada LemchachtiNada Lemchachti 
Hello Trailblazers, 

When updating a service appointment status to Completed , I'm getting this error : 

FSL.TR001_Service_AfterUpdate: execution of AfterUpdate caused by: System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object Class.FSL.TR001_ServiceUtils.checkIfChangedServiceIsToday: line 296, column 1 Class FSL.TR0018ServiceUtils.shouldEvaluateRecipes: line 136, column 1 Class FSL.TR001_ServiceUtils.EvaluateSchedulingRecipes: line 101, column 1 Trigger.FSL.TR001_Service_AfterUpdate: line 60, column 1

As it's a managed package , how can I debug this log ? 

Thank you
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Nada LemchachtiNada Lemchachti
Hello Dmitry,

In my case this issue was due to the service territory on the assigned resource .
My assigned resource had only a secondary service territory. once I added a primary one to the resource it worked .
According to the support team , a service resource must have a primary territory.
Ted PincasTed Pincas (in help) indicates the following:
Control of Article and Question Visibility
As a knowledge base or answers community administrator, you can centrally control the visibility of articles or questions by mapping roles, permission sets, or profiles to categories in the category groups (*). When an article or question is categorized, users with visibility can automatically see it.

The issue I have is when trying to associate a Data Category with a Role (*): I can see the option to select Data Category groups to set up visibility of Articles/Questions for that Role HOWEVER the Categories that I want to select appear as "greyed out" (I mean, they appear like being there but not available for selection).
With regards to Profiles and Permission sets, there is no problem: Data category groups can be selected.
Why are Categories "greyed out" on the Role?
Thank you very much!
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Naval SharmaNaval Sharma
Hi Ted,

Selecting a category implicitly includes its child and parent categories as well. Categories that are grayed out are not available for selection because their parent has already been selected.

Christian PajotChristian Pajot 
Has anyone figure out how to delete macro folders or moving them or even editing the name?  It seems that once you have created a folder, you cannot make any changes.
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Christian PajotChristian Pajot
Ok found the answer after reading between the lines of the help (" target="_blank) on macro:
  • Make sure your profile has the Modify all on macros
  • Make sure your profile has the Macro tab to default on
Then you can go to the Macro item in Lightning and see all folders. There you can rename and delete the folder, although you cannot move it in the case of nested folders

Hopefully this will help others!
Ben OckfordBen Ockford 
I get this error when trying to create an Opportunity from a converted lead or a Contact. This has been a problem for our team for about 2.5 months and the only work around is ecreating the Opp from the Opportunity page. Any suggestions to get this fixed?
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Ben OckfordBen Ockford
@Switt Srikulacheep Hello! I actually got this resolved by SF support. The fix is to 
give field access to Primary Campaign Source Field on Opportunity Object. Steps to provide the access: Setup > Object Manager > Opportunity > Fields and Relationship > Primary Campaign Source > Set Field-Level Security & Field Accessibility. Hopefully this works for you!
Danielle RosenDanielle Rosen 
Hello - I enabled path settings for a custom object I created, but the chevrons are not appearing on the object. I only have one record type so I have already ruled that out as the problem. Any thoughts what it could be?

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Tom HoffmanTom Hoffman

Hi Danielle - did you add the path to your lightning page and enable that page for your org, app, and profiles you want to see that path? 

You can click edit page from the setup, then on the lightning page screen, drag and drog the path component into place.  Click save and then activation - choose to either set it as the org default (everyone) or specificlaly for app(s), record type(s), and profile(s).   When you go back to your custom object, it should appear on the page. 

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Melissa Travers (Tanium)Melissa Travers (Tanium) 

Hello, we use Salesforce Knowledge for our community articles.  When sharing these on social, Twitter for example, it does not automatically render an image, even though there are images in the article.  Just shows blank which is not very eye catching.  Is there a way to do this?



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Danielle LapidusDanielle Lapidus
Hi Melissa,
 I found a similar discussion where knowledge article images were not viewable by portal users becasue they had been put into rich text area fields.

If your images are in similar fileds, you'll get the same issue in Twitter. "Images in the rich text area fields are meant to be "Salesforce internally available only" by default."

See the workarounds here:

Hope this helps!
Danielle Lapidus
Héctor RobledoHéctor Robledo 
Hello all,

I would like to select the corporate format (specific font and size) as default for rich text area fields so that the agents do not have to change the format each time they introduce text in those fields.

Is it possible? I cannot find how to do it...

Thanks in advanced


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BhavinBhavin ( 
Hi Hector,

Here is a related idea on this topic:, please upvote.