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Anton van DijkAnton van Dijk 
Since last weekend has brought sandboxes to Winter '21 update, we're facing issues due to a Test Class failing. This Test Class however, is a standard one when enabling Communities.
We haven't altered any of these Test Classes for over a year (since the introduction of Communities in our org) and haven't had issues up till now.
Our workaround for now is to comment out this specific method and add it to our VCS in order to skip the failing test.

Test results:
Method Name
Error Message
System.AssertException: Assertion Failed: Expected: Argument 1 cannot be null, Actual: null
Stack Trace
Class.LightningLoginFormControllerTest.testLoginWithInvalidCredentials: line 6, column 1
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Yemeng ZhuYemeng Zhu
I guess what they mean is probably refers to a newly created org or any org just import this class recently (that already removed this failing class). Our orgs are old orgs, these code was introduced to our org since 2018.

here is their reply if you want more detail:
In Winter'21 release, existing orgs will see a test failure when they run LightningLoginFormControllerTest.

Resolution: "We simply need to remove this test from the apex test class. The offending test is already removed from the code and hence it will not be an issue for new orgs."
Andrés RuizAndrés Ruiz 
Hello Community,
I have overriden the standard "New" button in Account object.
When I use the "New" and the "Save and New" buttons from the Service Console in Salesforce Classic it is working as expected.
Neverthless, when I click on the "Save and New" button in Lightning Console it is redirecting me to the standard new Account page instead.
Just to clarify: the issue is happening with the "Save and New" button in Lightning Console only.

Is there any soution to override the "Save & New" button as well with the New button in Lightning?

Thank you!
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Anil JAdhavAnil JAdhav
Hi Andres,

Apology for delay in response.

You can check below links - seems known issues for lightning console

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Ankit KumarAnkit Kumar
I hope you were able to get this resolved. 

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Jonathan OsgoodJonathan Osgood 
Hi All,
I'm unable to successfuly data load a currency field in any format (I've tried number, currency, custom etc. formats in excel). 

Here is the error message from the data loader:

INVALID_FIELD:Failed to deserialize field at col 1. Due to, '24,000.00' is not valid for the type xsd:double

Error fields: Current_Purchase_Price__c 

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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Aaron DeRanAaron DeRan
Remove the comma. Salesforce recognizes commas as OR, not as a seperator.
Vineeth VVineeth V 
can we set up email to case without having outlook/gmail ? I have an email address which doesn't have outlook configuration or its is not a gmail address.
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Ankit KumarAnkit Kumar
Hi Vineeth!

Yes, you can setup On-deemand Email to case using any email service provider! Here's the quick official tutorial video:

and official help text

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Anna SliwaAnna Sliwa 

I have need to create multiple tabs where I would like to have Record details but as different layouts. I have already created layouts but I don't know how to do it. 
F.ex in Detail I would like to have Personal Time off Layout and under Annual Leave Annual Leave Layout, is there any chance to do it? 
User-added image
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Tim CaljeTim Calje

There is a new feature called "Dynamic Forms";
Please have a look at the following Salesforce Admin blogpost:

Perhaps this will allow you to achieve the expected result?

FYI it's currenlty only availble for custom objects.
Soma Sekhar KSoma Sekhar K 
Hi Ohana,
I am new to salesforce, can anyone help me on a simple formula field
book is a lookup in student
Status: Formula field
If Student.Book != null then Status=Active
Else If Student.Book == null AND Today() - Student.CreatedDate <45 then student.Status = Pending

Thank you
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Tony TrinhTony Trinh
Hi Soma,

Give this a try:
IF(NOT ISBLANK(Book__c), "Active",
IF(TODAY() - DATEVALUE(CreatedDate) < 45, "Pending",
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Jerry YuJerry Yu
I deleted the highlights panel in the sandbox on those two pages, pushed the changesets to production and it was able to deploy successfully.
Luke SiecinskiLuke Siecinski 
I'm trying to update a user lookup field using a formula rather than workflow on the back end if that's evan possible. 

I have a user lookup field on opportunity (Underwriting_Assistant__c) and a lookup on the Quote object (Underwriting Analyst to Review) that needs to be updated with the value that's in the Underwriting Analyst field on the opportunity. I'm trying to create a formula field on Quote that will populate the Underwriting Analyst to Review lookup on quote. Is that even possible? I've tried formula's like:
IF(NOT(ISBLANK( Opportunity.Underwriting_Assistant__c )), Underwriting_Analyst_to_Review__c = Opportunity.Underwriting_Assistant__c, NULL )
but receive the Error: Formula result is data type (Boolean), incompatible with expected data type (Text). 

Is this even possible?
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Twinkle GargTwinkle Garg
Yes, you can't populate it using a formula field. There was the same idea proposed here, but it is not yet implemented.
Ruel AriolaRuel Ariola 
I have three custom fields that I would like to compare values such that CYV is not greater than ACV and ACV is not greater than TCV.

Can you help me how to formulate a validation rule for these scenariors?

Thank you! 
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Andrew FragiasAndrew Fragias
Hi Ruel,

You could try the following:
OR(CYV__c > ACV__c, ACV__c > TCV__c)

Make sure you replace the fields wiht the correct API Names. THis formula will throw an error if CYV is greater then ACV or ACV is greater then TCV