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Ashoka parimiAshoka parimi 

How can I only show product bundles specific to login user based on the profile or any other field? Does custom actions like conditional or default work?
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P R SrinivasanP R Srinivasan
You can try creating search filters to hide products. This seems to be a similar thread:
Krishna KatveKrishna Katve 

Salesforce CPQ error: "Cannot activate this Order Product because it is missing one or more rules on the Order Item Consumption Schedule."

Can anyone help me with this error? This error is coming while activating Order with Usage/Consumption products.

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Dhanraj S NikamDhanraj S Nikam
HI Krishna, You must be missing Billing Rule/Tax Rule/Rev Rule on consumption schedule. If that this is the case then uddate and re-order the quote(Better try on new quote first)
Madhavi MishraMadhavi Mishra 

I created Product Bundle. When I am selection Product in Quote, Why I am getting this:

Please see the attchment.
User-added image
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Colby KaminColby Kamin
I would have expected the rows to be entirely blank if this were your issue, but you may want to double check the Product records for the Product Options and make sure that they have Price Book Entries in the selected Price Book and Currency combination.
Kavita BKavita B 
We use amendments to
  • upgrade or downgrade subscriptions 
  • terminate subscriptions
As I understand, we need to create renewal opportunities for extending contracts. Or is it possible to extend a contract and related subscriptions?
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Victor ShapiroVictor Shapiro
Hi Kavita,

I would recommend renewing contracts to "extend" them. If a customer would like to extend their contract for 6 months, you can create a renewal opportunity/quote with a Renewal Term of 6.
Sagnik RahaSagnik Raha 

I'm trying to understand if there are any relationship field(s) between Contract Line Items and Assets. Let me give an example:

Say, I have a Bundle Product with a License and one maintenance(Subscription) product related to it. When I Order and then Contract the same I can see a Service Contract, one Contract Line Item and an Asset Record (visible under Account) . 

What I want to know?
If there are relationship fields from Contract / Contract Line to the Asset Line or the other way round ? I can see field named Current Contract Line Item on Asset and a field named Asset Name(lookup to asset) from Contract Line Item but there aren't any values in any of these fields.

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Christopher HickmanChristopher Hickman
Only if you have the (poorly named) "Service Cloud for CPQ" package installed, in which case CPQ creates a ServiceContract instead of a Contract, ContractLineItems instead of SBQQ__Subscription__c records, and Entitlements instead of Subscribed Assets and/or if Entitlement creation is turned on (for non-Asset-creating products only). Like Subscribed Assets, Entitlements will have a 1:1 relationship with a percent-of-total-priced Contract Line Item, and a 1:1 relationship with each Asset in its base.

For example, if you have a rackmount server with 5 blades for a total of $12,000, and a single support SKU that is 10%/year of the configured hardware cost (thus $1,200 in this case), you'd get 1 contract line item for the support, 5 assets for the blades, and 5 entitlements that link each asset to the support SKU.

Aside from the percent-of-total pricing scenario, there is no connection between Assets and Contract/Service Contract, or Subscriptions/ContractLineItems out of the box. You can of course create the automation to do this. It's not a hard query because what these records all DO have is relationships to the Quote Line from which they were created. Quote Line gets you Quote, so you can match an asset to its ContractLineItem by tracking what Quote they were sourced from.
John HopkinsJohn Hopkins 
I'm finding that a quote will display a blank page when a configured product has more than 20 attributes. I tried shuffling attributes between Feature groups, and "Enable Large Configurations" in the CPQ settings; but with no change. Is this a bug or documented limitation? What do other companies do for products that have many data points to collect for configuring product?
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John HopkinsJohn Hopkins
Apologies! Program Troubleshooting 101:
I discovered an API name typo in the source field after clearing all of my attributes
and adding them back in one by one coupled with a page refresh.

The quote line field and target field picklist entries were spelled correctly,
but the product option had an extra letter in the API name.

I guess my request would be to see an error message or flagged attribute instead of a blank screen
to give some clue as to what the issue is (thought now I know what to look for).
Bill PowellBill Powell 
Has anyone had a use case to expose Salesforce CPQ in a customer comunity? I know you can do this in partner community, but unsure of customer. If you have done it, let me know would like to pick your brain 
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Bill PowellBill Powell
I got my answer already and it’s a no go. Thanks for responding though
Rachel LinderRachel Linder 
Hello, we have a new product request and they are asking for the following - 3% capture of cost settlement received in prior calendar year for XXX services for services to YYYY students. Has anyone seen a request such as this, or something similar?

Is this something we could build using a custom cost settlement field and a price rule? How would you determine the prior year services for specific type students?

I am thinking this would take quite a bit of design and maybe some apex?

Not sure.

We also have a similar request based on Revenue Capture of cost settlement.
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Victor ShapiroVictor Shapiro
Hi Rachel,

If you want to lean into CPQ functionalities, this sounds like a use case that can be met with a percent of total product. You may need to creatively add back in these covered products without charging the customer for them, but a PoT may provide the most flexibilty as it will always take 3% of whichever the price of the prior year services are.
Amul BaranwalAmul Baranwal 
Display Watermarks on Draft Quote Document not working

I did same steps. but its not showing in Quote PDF. please help
  • Create a Document record.
  • Give your document a name and then upload the file you want to serve as the watermark.
  • Salesforce CPQ has a standard “Draft” watermark image available by default. You can find it in the Document Folder field within the Documents tab of Salesforce CPQ package settings.
  • Select Externally Available Image and then click Save.
  • Copy the SFDC ID from the URL of your document record.
  • Your SFDC ID is the string of letters and numbers following the final slash in your record’s URL.
  • Go to the quote template where you enable the watermark for draft documents. Add your SFDC ID to the Watermark ID field.
  • Save your quote template.
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Frank ShapiroFrank Shapiro
Hi Amul,

We are missing a step in the documentation. On your Quote, you have to set the SBQQ__WatermarkShown__c field to TRUE to show the watermark. You can use a workflow rule to do this based on status or your own criteria.  I will let our docs team know to add this.

Rui FonsecaRui Fonseca 
Hi all,

I have my price book with prices defined with 4 decimal places, given the use case I am working on has products that are priced in cents, such as 18.92 cents ($0.1892).
I have set the CPQ package settings so the unit price scale also matches that setting:
User-added image
However, when selecting a product, the quote line rounds that unit price to 2 decimal places, though displaying the value with 4 decimal places, as shown below, which then results in a wrong calculation of the net price:
User-added image
Has anyone faced such issue? Any help would be highly appreciated!
Many thanks in advance :)
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Rui FonsecaRui Fonseca
Hi guys, for everyone's benefit, this is logged as a bug already for Salesforce CPQ Summer '18 v214
Known Issue below: