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Septimiu DumitruSeptimiu Dumitru 
I have a problem when I'm trying to save quote line items. I'm using the guided selling process and after I add products on the quote line item, when I click the Save button I'm getting this error:

SBQQ.QuoteLineBefore: execution of BeforeInsert
caused by: line 108, column 39: Dependent class is invalid and needs recompilation:
Class SBQQ.QuoteService : Dependent class is invalid and needs recompilation:
Class SBQQ.ConsumptionJunctionUtil : Variable does not exist: ProductConsumptionSchedule

What can be done in this situation? I tried every solution that I found on forum posts, but nothing it's working. I think it might be a problem with the CPQ package, but I'm looking forward for your answers.

Thank you!
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Depends on how they fixed it. From what this error message is saying, one of the classes in your package is not compatible with another class in the package. There is nothing you would be able to do to change any component in there, which is why you'd need to raise another support case.
Brian SheaBrian Shea 

Hi there,
We're working with a Salesforce org that is using currently using parts of CPQ but not all features. One of the features that is not currently being used is the Subscription object. 


Later this year, this org is planning to start using Subscriptions and we're planning to manually load (using data loader) Subscription records into CPQ. We are loading the following fields: Account, Contract, Product, Quantity, Pricing Information. We just did a test load of Subscriptions and discovered that when we Amend a contract, all the Subscriptions that we manually loaded to the Contract are not showing up as Quote Lines in the Quote Line Editor. 


We're trying to figure out the cause, but curious if anyone has thoughts/experiences on this.




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Christopher HickmanChristopher Hickman
Transforming and loading legacy contract and subscription data into Salesforce for CPQ amendments and renewals is very hard, so don't feel too bad! I would reference this page liberally:
Jody CrutchfieldJody Crutchfield 
I have a migrated contract and subscription that does not have an opportunity or quote that created it.  I am trying to get renewal price to work on renewal of the contract but the quote lines are reverting back to the list price in the pricebook after calculation runs.  I have the renewal pricebook set on the contract.  What fields or logic am I missing?
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Christopher HickmanChristopher Hickman
I don't think so. I think the behavior you see is as designed, and it definitely predates Summer '19. See

The key here is that, for products priced with the "List" pricing method, all quotes - renewal and otherwise - are going to pull in current pricebook value for List Price. Renewal Pricing Method (various levels) and Renewal Price (Subscription field) determine what happens AFTER list in the "pricing waterfall".

So if your renewal method is "List" and you do not have Renewal Price populated, the renewal Quote Line will have current pricebook entry as List with no modifiers (thus Regular/Customer/Partner/Net will be the same, after factoring in proration). "Same" or "Uplift" or a populated "Renewal Price" creates a positive or negative discount (in "Additional Discount") reflecting the difference from Regular Price (i.e., after price rules, discount schedules, and/or contracted prices) and your desired price, resulting in "Customer Price" - no partner or distributor discounts are carried forward.

So if you want to have a list price of $6 in your scenario and it's not enough to have a customer/partner/net of $6, then one possibility would be to create a formula field that grabs the Renewal Price value through the Renewed Subscription lookup, then use that field to update list in a price rule set to fire when the formula field and list price are not equal. 
Joe GeraghtyJoe Geraghty 
Is there a way to wrap the text within a line item cell? I have a few custom text fields that I've added to the line editor and when the text within that field is longer than the width of the line column, it bleeds over into the next column on the quote docuement. I cannot seem to find a way to edit this so that the text wraps within the cell. Any ideas? Thanks Everyone

-Joe Geraghty
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Shyama ChandrasekharShyama Chandrasekhar
Have you tried populating the left margin (px) and right margin (px)? This should help not bleed the column width.
Also if there are other columns that get conditionally hidden at times, you could reallocate the width of the column to probably any other columns by checking the Discard Width When Hidden checkbox at line column level.
Megan LearyMegan Leary 
Does anyone know if it's possible to have an MDQ Product default to de-segmented when added to the QLE and let the User choose to segment as needed?  Could not find answer in support documentation and also couldn't find an idea for it. Thanks!
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Dushyant SinghDushyant Singh
Hi Megan,

On Product record, you can use the picklist field "Default Pricing Table"  where
  • Segmented: products appear in the Segmented table where you can edit segments of time.
  • Standard: products appear in the Standard table and behave as a single line item. Users are able to resegment the line item if they choose.
Dudley BakerDudley Baker 
We have existing Opportunities that we would like to add to existing Contracts.  The only documentation that I can find is how to "Create" an Add-on Opportunity. I want the subscription lines to be added from an _Existing_ Opportunity/Approved Quote pair, not Create a new one.  I tried to use the Create documentation, but it didn't work.  Thanks for any assistance!
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Dushyant SinghDushyant Singh
Hi Dudley,

If you have your Opportunity and Quote already generated and this new quote has all different products from the existing contract to which you want to attach, you can update your quote and change the quote type to 'Amendment' and populate the Master contract on the quote and then create a contract from Quote/Opportunity, This will add your lines to the same contract as the new subscription.
But here you will have to check/validate the end dates of your quote/quote line and master contract so that they are inline according to your business process like many businesses prefer that amendment subscriptions end at the same time as the original subscriptions etc.

Andrew GillanAndrew Gillan 
Ok, so we had the maintenance update over the weekend. (Summer '20)

Now my users when doing a quote under CPQ get the following popup:
User-added image

I know that there is a change coming related to Permission Set license v Managed package License.  
And I have done the the "Check Upgrade Readiness" checks under the package and all my Sales users have all been assigned the Permission Set license.

However, if I remove the "managed package license" using CPQ, they can no access the quote object even though they have the CPQ Permission Set License.
User-added image

So, are my users now going to be hit with a pop-up telling them about the Permission Set License every day until Oct when the update is scheduled?  Thats 80-odd Sales users generating an average of 20 quotes a day getting a pop up everytime for the next 3 months.

So how do I suppress that error message given that my poor users have no clue what it really means?  and I have taken all the steps I am aware of to be prepared for the upcoming license change?



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Andrew GillanAndrew Gillan
Spoke with Salesforce Support.

The issue relates to the upcoming change, obviously as indicated in the message.  Whilst I had run all the set up preparation, some of my user accounts had become inactive since then.  So, due to there being outstanding actions to be completed in the preparation process, the error was displayed for all.  Once I removed the permission sets and license from those inactvie users, the issue was resolved.

Apparently this will be the behaviour until the Winter '21 update to the CPQ license arrangement.

Ashoka parimiAshoka parimi 

How can I only show product bundles specific to login user based on the profile or any other field? Does custom actions like conditional or default work?
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P R SrinivasanP R Srinivasan
You can try creating search filters to hide products. This seems to be a similar thread:
Krishna KatveKrishna Katve 

Salesforce CPQ error: "Cannot activate this Order Product because it is missing one or more rules on the Order Item Consumption Schedule."

Can anyone help me with this error? This error is coming while activating Order with Usage/Consumption products.

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Dhanraj S NikamDhanraj S Nikam
HI Krishna, You must be missing Billing Rule/Tax Rule/Rev Rule on consumption schedule. If that this is the case then uddate and re-order the quote(Better try on new quote first)
Madhavi MishraMadhavi Mishra 

I created Product Bundle. When I am selection Product in Quote, Why I am getting this:

Please see the attchment.
User-added image
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Colby KaminColby Kamin
I would have expected the rows to be entirely blank if this were your issue, but you may want to double check the Product records for the Product Options and make sure that they have Price Book Entries in the selected Price Book and Currency combination.