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Brad HoldenBrad Holden 
Ok I am sorry for being a complete newbie... I have spent the last year grappling with some very minor Salesforce development (on a part-time basis) for a small non-profit. I have learned a lot, but still have only placed a very tiny scratch on the surface! 
So now our Self-Signed Certificate is apparently expiring and I have NO IDEA what that means. Any googling of this quickly gets into going-over-my-head territory. Can someone please explain what I have to do and what is in danger of happening if I don't do it? Here's the message:

You have one or more certificates in your Salesforce org Tin Roof Global 00D6100000084nr that will expire soon. Review the list below and visit Certificate and Key Management from Setup to make an update.

I have gone to Certificate and Key Management and have downloaded the .crt file but am really unsure what I am supposed to do with it!

Thanks in adavance
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LBK MuthukrishnanLBK Muthukrishnan
Hey Brad,

There are few places where a sefl-signed certificate could be used.

1. Identify Provider - If you are using SFDC as IDP for Single Sign On. You can find it under Setup >> Administer >> Security Controls >> Identity Provider.

2. Single Sign-On Settings - If you are using SFDC as Consumer for Single Sign On. You can find it under Setup >> Administer >> Security Controls >> Single Sign-On Settings.

If your certificate is used in one of the above places, it is quite intuitive to edit this screen and replace the certificate.

3. Installed Packages / Connected Apps.
Some of the third party apps could use your Self-Signed Certificates (Environment Hub is an example).
You can look at them in Setup >> Build >> Installed Packages
I suggest you go through them one at time and find out if they use your certificate.

Connected Apps will be same procedure as above. But you will find the connected apps under Setup >> Manage Apps >> Connected Apps.

Hope this helps.
Emma FayEmma Fay 
I'm working on the Admin Intermediate 'Create Validation Rules' challenge.

This is the challenge:
- Name the validation rule Contact must be in Account ZIP Code
- A contact with a MailingPostalCode that has an account and does not match the associated Account ShippingPostalCode should return with a validation error and not be saved
- The validation rule should ONLY apply to contact records with an associated account. Contact records with no associated parent account can be added with any MailingPostalCode value. (Hint: you can use the ISBLANKfunction for this check)

I'm presuming that to check whether the postal codes are the same you use "MailingPostalCode  =  Account.ShippingPostalCode"

It's the third step which is confusing me. So far my best guess is this, but I know it's wrong:
IF(ISBLANK(Account.ParentId) MailingPostalCode, MailingPostalCode  =  Account.ShippingPostalCode)

I basically want to say - if the field is blank, take no action. If it's not blank, check whether they're the same. If they're not the same, don't allow the record to be saved.

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Andrew CookAndrew Cook
Hi Emma,

I used the following and it worked:

NOT( ISBLANK ( Account.Id ) ), 
MailingPostalCode <> Account.ShippingPostalCode 
David WrightDavid Wright 
I would be interested to hear if anybody has an idea of what percentage of customer's have moved from Classic to Lightning?
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Jonathan FoxJonathan Fox

I've tried digging for the answer because you triggered my curiosity.

I can not find any hard and fast stats but her are some blogs talking about it:

Here are some closly related stats too:

Girish KotgireGirish Kotgire 

I am getting this error while deploying one Flexi page:

flexipages/Booking_Record_Page.flexipage -- Error: Invalid property [enableActionsConfiguration] in component [force:highlightsPanel]

I am not able to find out the reason for this....!


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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Girish,

I believe configurable actions is a Summer 20 feature. Unless you refreshed your sandbox in the past week, it would be on the Summer 20 release, which means you will not be able to deploy certain elements from there to your production org until July, when those are updated.
Kunagu Varun Kumar Srinivasa RaoKunagu Varun Kumar Srinivasa Rao 
Hello All,

I'm getting the below error on the "Build an Account Reassignment Wizard" Flow Project.

Step not yet complete in Project - Account Reassignment Flow
There was an unexpected error while verifying this challenge. Usually this is due to some pre-existing configuration or code in the challenge Org. We recommend using a new Developer Edition (DE) to check this challenge. If you're using a new DE and seeing this error, please post to the developer forums and reference error id: SNEXCJGF

I'm on the Build Logic to Reassign Accounts step
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Kunagu Varun Kumar Srinivasa RaoKunagu Varun Kumar Srinivasa Rao
I figured out the reason for this error. It looks like one of the assignment step has a blank value (The one highlighted in Bold below).

Set Variable to {!accountLoopVar.OwnerId}, Operator to Equals, and Value to {!Get_User_3_s_ID.Id}.

Even though I selected the apporpariate value to assign, it disappred after I click done and open again. The trick is after selecting the appropriate assignment value, we have to click somewhere outside the box before clicking the Done button.
Gabriele CianciGabriele Cianci 
Hello everyone,
I'm new user of Einstein Analytics and I'm tryin g to complete Einstein Analytics Data Preparation Specialist challenges.
The third challenge ask me to 'Create Seed Bank Agencies'. I did it but this error appears:
"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
We can't validate the 'Create Seed Bank Agencies' node was created correctly. Check the required fields, field types, node name, and alias are correct."

I tried to restart challenge, to use another dev org, to follow the same procedure of other users but this error always appears.
Anyonw knows a solution?

Thank you
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Ankush AgarwalAnkush Agarwal
Hi Gabriele,

You may refer below link for solution of this issue:

Issue is with the Agency Detail.txt file. While Importing the file please change the Longtitude and Latitude to to "Dimension".
Delete the file from existingf dataflow and perform Edgemart again to import the same file. Update your dataflow and run it. It will get Pass.
Vrushali2 MaliVrushali2 Mali 
An app builder wants to show groups as the last navigation menu item in the Salesforce1 mobile app. However, the app builder is not able to select groups as one of the items on the drop-down menu.  What could cause this? 

A) Groups is showing up in the recent section and not in the navigation menu.
b) Groups is not included in the selected list for the navigation menu.
c) Groups is included in the smart search items but not on the navigation menu.
d) Groups cannot be the last item in the navigation menu.

I have checked Group tab can be includable into mob navigation using Salesforce Navigation option into salesforce1 app and it working. Please help me into this 
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Lokesh KumarLokesh Kumar
The answer is B. If the Groups Tab is not selected in the Navigation Menu it will not appear in the drop down menu.
Rachel BanksRachel Banks 
How do I search for duplicate Accounts and Contacts and mass merge them? I am searching for a solution that will identify the duplicates and will combine the related records and the fields data. Any help will be appreciated!
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Ben FordBen Ford
HI Rachel,

You can identify the duplicates and mass merge / auto merge the duplcaites with the following app:

Merge jobs
Esther JenningsEsther Jennings 
Is there a way to merge new/existing leads based on similar email automatically? I also want to keep any related campaign and activity history. Any suggestions and thought are welcome.
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Ben FordBen Ford
Hi Ester,

You can merge any object and keep the relevant related records with the following app, you can also tell the app to run your custom merge rules automatically:

Mass and auto merge leads
Alex FischerAlex Fischer 
I'm continuously getting this error when running a dataflow, I've repeated the steps in Trailhead several times and I'm sure I'm following the steps to a T. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Rahul DeshmaneRahul Deshmane
Hi Alex,

Ensure that the specified object is included in Data Sync and that Data Sync has run successfully.
Check Data Sync Contents
1. In Data Manager, access the Connect page.
2. Ensure the object exists in the Connected Datasets list.
Run Data Sync
1. After confirming the object exists, click Run Data Sync.
2. Confirm that Data Sync completes successfully.
Retry Dataflow
After Data Sync (including the specified object) has completed, manually run the Dataflow