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Hayato UesugiHayato Uesugi 
When I try to create Optimization profile at Field Service Setting, Salesforce says that "Optimization profile creation error has occured, Please contact salesforce support for more details".

This error also occurs when I try to do same stuff at another environment.

I am now using DE edtion with ap17.
Does anyone know why this kind of error occur?

It would be greatly appreciated if you could give me an answer....
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Venkata Naresh ThathaVenkata Naresh Thatha
Have you tried this ? Found in other forum.

Clone an existing profile and name it FSL Optimization .Make sure permissions mentioned in this FSL_Optimization (" target="_blank) are enabled. Create a user with this profile and login as this user. You will get the option to activate optimization under field service settings.
Alyssa BenesAlyssa Benes 
I'm trying to set up our Pardot Sandbox environment (yay Summer '20!!!), but I'm not able to assign the Pardot Integration User Permission Set to the B2BMA Integration User. I'm also not able to assign a Pardot Admin. I'm following this Help doc: 

When I try to assign the Pardot Integration User Permission Set, it tells me that the licenses don't match. The Pardot Integration User Permission Set needs a standard SF license. The B2BMA Integration User has the B2BMA User license, which can't be edited. I feel like I'm missing something here.

Also, when I go to assign an Admin, the page is blank:
User-added image

Am I totally missing something? Has anyone else tried to install the new Pardot Sandbox? Any help is much appreciated.
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Ellen TaussigEllen Taussig
I have been going through this for two weeks.  What type of pardot license do you have?  Also - has it been provisioned in Production?

Available in: Accounts that purchased or upgraded to Pardot Advanced and Premium Editions on or after February 11, 2019 that are connected to a Salesforce account Salesforce Sandboxes.
Caylin SchmenkCaylin Schmenk 
When I'm making a form (in Pardot) I get the error message "email field must be set to always display". Is it possible to make a form that doesn't require an email field?
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Chris StegallChris Stegall
No, unfortunately, because of the way Pardot tracks prospect data, email address is a required form field, though there are some potential workarounds if you already have the prospects email and they're using the same device they usually do.
Cris AbadCris Abad 
Hello everyone,

I am running a flow from one custom object (flow is in a quick action, since lightning doesn't support buttons) which creates a record in another custom object. My question is, how can I pull the record ID from the record the flow is being ran from and store it into the new record?
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
All you have to do is to create a Variable like as below - 
  1. Type: Variable
  2. Name: recordId [Create Exactly Like This]
  3. Input/Output Type: Input Only
User-added image

Then when embedded as Lightning Component, Salesforce will automatically send the record Id into this variable. Don't forget to create it exactly as shown in the figure.
User-added image
Alex GorenAlex Goren 
We set up a few automation rules to assign prospects to salespeople based on territories. After this went live, we realized that, for a few reasons, this was going to make life harder for us. Unfortunately we now have a couple thousand prospects assigned to users that I would like to still be unnassigned. Is there any way to revert these changes, or otherwise remove the user assigments entirely?
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Andrew CookAndrew Cook
Hi Alexander,

There's no way to unassign prospects once they have been assigned. The only thing you could really do is reassign them to a different user. In theory there'd be nothing from stopping you creating a Pardot only user called Unassigned Prospects that you reassign all these to.
Alex Twomey-McLeodAlex Twomey-McLeod 
Hi All,

as a Salesforce partner, I'd love to know what CBU stands for and what it actually means?!

I know EBU stands for Enterprise Business Unit, but what does that actually mean?

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Steve DoddSteve Dodd
Hi Alex,

I would imagine you can probably get a more thorough description by speaking with someone from Salesforce, but this is my understanding of the explanation and differences for the two major market segments that Salesforce targets:

Commercial Business Unit (CBU)
This is the primary selling ground for Salesforce Account Executives, with focus areas in three categories:
Small Business (1 to 100 employees)
Mid-Market Business (100 to 500 employees)
General Business (500 to 1000 employees)

They use consultative sales skills to construct a strong business case and ROI, are very focused on customer success and have a loyal and satisfied customer base.

Enterprise Business Unit (EBU)
These AE's work with companies who are larger and are often more of a well-known brand (a Sales Manager in most organizations would likely refer to these types of prospects/clients as "strategic accounts"). They specialize in a deeper consultative sales approach, particularly with those opportunities that involve complex solutions and require collaboration from specific product managers.

Hope that helps
Sowjanya NSowjanya N 
A. User is taken to a Create new App Page in
B. User is taken to App Exchange
C. User is taken to page
D. None of the above

I think the answer is A??
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Parikhit SarkarParikhit Sarkar
Hi So Na, 

You are correct. It is A. 
Sudip karmakarSudip karmakar 
I am stuck on the trailhead Process automation specialist superbadge challenge number 6 i.e Create Flow for Opportunities. If somebody has done.
Please guide me also 
If you can share the screenshot or explain the procedure of what you did it would be very helpful

Thanking in advance
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
++ see below images

Start Screen
Create three Radio Buttons Name given as below
Assembly System , CloudyBot and RainbowBot

Two variable - ProductId and ProductName

User-added image


User-added image

End Screen

User-added image

Complete Flow
User-added image
Jagmohan SinghJagmohan Singh 
Hi all,

I'm trying to do something simpel (I think). My flow starts with a screen where multiple choices can be selected: checkbox group. I want the flow to look for records where the recordname is equal to the selected values in the screen. I can't get this to work.

I tried:
Screen > Assignment: add checkbox group to collection variable > Loop 
- but here, the loop sees all selected values as one record, so the flow fails to find records. It does work if only one value is selected.. but that's half the work

Screen > Decision for checkbox 1 > Add choice to collection variable > Next decision for checkbox 2> add choice to collection variable > Loop
- but here the same thing happens as the first scenario.

My collection variable has the type 'Text' because if I choose 'Record', I can't use an Assignment to add the choice to the collection variable of the record type.. 

Here is what the flow looks like


Who can help me crack this puzzle?
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Jagmohan SinghJagmohan Singh
Hey Alex,
Thanks for the video. It was very helpful and more efficient than my method where I put multiple decisions in front of the loop.

However, I found the "orginial" answer to my question by trail & error. See pictures for what was wrong and what worked 

When I assisned a value to the Collection Variable I want to use for the loop, it was WRONG to select the checkbox choise (and the value behind the choise).. Somehow Salesforce selected ALL the choice values which were selected and add's as ONE single variable to the collection.. This is wrong.. maybe a bug..
Wrong Method

I can see it going wrong in the Debugger when I select two checkboxes:
Debug Flow

I got it working by adding the value that I want just by typing it in the flow as 'John' and not {!John} <-- the checkbox
Right Method

Mystery solved for me, I hope it helps others
Jagmohan SinghJagmohan Singh 
Hi all,

How can I pause a flow for one minute? The Offset Number is an integer and the smallest unit is Hour. How to proceed?

User-added image
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Jagmohan SinghJagmohan Singh
The answer is:
Create a new formula within the flow with Data type 'Date/Time' and use {!$Flow.CurrentDateTime}+0.0007 as formula.
1 min / 60 min / 24 hours = 0.0007.
So if you want to wait about 5 minutes, just adjust 0.0007 to 5/60/24=0.0034

Then, use this formule field for the Base Time in the Resume Event of the Pause action. Leave the Offset Number and Offset Unit blank.
User-added image