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Shubhashini RajaShubhashini Raja 
Hello Trailblazers!!
I cleared my Admin Certification today. I'm so happy. Thank you so much Trailblazer Community for helping me accomplish this. You guys have responded immediately for every question I posted and thanks a lot for sharing the required materials on topics I need referencing. You guys are amazing. Let's keep Blazing!!

Next prep for "Advanced Admin"
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Sakthivel MadeshSakthivel Madesh
Wow.. Congratulation Shubhashini !!

Try this trailmix from trailhead -

Advanced Administrator Quiz from SalesforceBen Website -
Anton van DijkAnton van Dijk 
Since last weekend has brought sandboxes to Winter '21 update, we're facing issues due to a Test Class failing. This Test Class however, is a standard one when enabling Communities.
We haven't altered any of these Test Classes for over a year (since the introduction of Communities in our org) and haven't had issues up till now.
Our workaround for now is to comment out this specific method and add it to our VCS in order to skip the failing test.

Test results:
Method Name
Error Message
System.AssertException: Assertion Failed: Expected: Argument 1 cannot be null, Actual: null
Stack Trace
Class.LightningLoginFormControllerTest.testLoginWithInvalidCredentials: line 6, column 1
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Yemeng ZhuYemeng Zhu
I guess what they mean is probably refers to a newly created org or any org just import this class recently (that already removed this failing class). Our orgs are old orgs, these code was introduced to our org since 2018.

here is their reply if you want more detail:
In Winter'21 release, existing orgs will see a test failure when they run LightningLoginFormControllerTest.

Resolution: "We simply need to remove this test from the apex test class. The offending test is already removed from the code and hence it will not be an issue for new orgs."
Catherine NolanCatherine Nolan 
I have several of these number items on my dashboard. Unfortunately I have had a difficult time trying to assign the color. The default is Red for lower #s and Green for higher #s.In almost every case, a higher # is bad for us and should be Red. Can someone tell me how to reverse the colros? User-added image
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Kendra RameyKendra Ramey
Change the colors by clicking on the color tile on the right. So put green where red is and red where green is. Then your higher range (looks like above 67 in this case) will turn red. We have the same thing for number of uncontacted leads.
Michael HuberMichael Huber 
Can anybody help me with this question ?
If I change the adress information in Accounts the adress information for the related contacts should also change.

How can I do this ?

Thanks a lot !

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Neelesh Ratn DwivediNeelesh Ratn Dwivedi
Hi Neetu,

That is what I told you earlier on my comments. Process builder always work on save, it will not autopopulate values on edit page, instead after saving it will update the record.
To accomplish autopopulation you have only one option and that is URL hacking. But in your can you will have to customize a lot, I feel.
1: You can create contact through account related list. (Here simple URL hacking will work) 
2: You can create contact through New Contact button. (You will have to write java script here to auto populate account's details).

Luis Fernando Vega QuinteroLuis Fernando Vega Quintero 
Hi, i´m getting this error from the module, 

User-added imageas you can see there´s a error on row 0 and more, i don´t know what to do.
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Ankush AgarwalAnkush Agarwal
Hi Luis,

There is a validation Rule(created for other Challenge) on Account Object which is causing this error.

You may follow below steps to resolve this:
Go to Setup --> Object Manager --> Account --> Validation Rules --> Check for validation rule for Account number and inactivate it.
Sushil Dholani AASushil Dholani AA 
I am getting below error when deploying the Lighting record page to Production.
Invalid property [enablePageActionConfig] in component [flexipage:recordHomeTemplateDesktop]

It only contains related record actions that are already available in Production then also getting an error while deploying it.

Any suggestions to solve this error will really be helpful.

Thanks in Advance.
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Vishnu Kant SharmaVishnu Kant Sharma
I did some research and it worked for me :
Step1:  Retrieve your flixi page meta data either from VS Code or ANT
Sep 2:  Remove the enableActionsInNative and enablePageActionConfig properties from metadata of Flexi Page
Step3: Sync your changes to your org and deploy your changes to target org.

Please mark as best answer , if this resolves your issue.
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Karan KeharKaran Kehar
Hi Tony,

In your dashboard settings, please uncheck the below box:
User-added image

Cassandra ParkerCassandra Parker 
I have several read only fields on a case.  They are showing up on the new case record creation screen, and i'd like to hide them from just that record create screen - but have them show on the page when the record is created.  Can this be done?
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Adam JohnsonAdam Johnson
Couple ways to do this is to create multiple Record Types and Page Layouts.  You can create a "Create" record Type and an "Edit" record type.  You don't have to enable the Edit Record Type for the profile so they don't see it in the selection screen when creating a New Case.  You'd create a page layout for each, your Create Page Layout would not have those fields.  You'd then use a Process Builder or Workflow Rule to update the Record Type to Edit upon create and then they will see the Edit Page Layout with the Read Only fields.  

Your other option would be to replace the Standard New button with a custom Quick Action and only define the fields you want on that Layout for Create.  
Leah KoppermanLeah Kopperman 

I'm sure this is answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find the information.

I have a longstanding "Trailblazer Community" (formerly "Success Community") account--the account that I'm using right now to post this question on

There is also the "Trailblazer Community Groups" site As far as I can recall, the only time I ever use this site is when I RSVP to attend a local user group in person. I may be mis-rememberhing, but I swear that when I've done this in the past I was able to log into by using the same Salesforce instance that I use to log into the Trailblazer (Success) Community.

Last week I got an invitation to a local community group that I want to attend, and they seemed to have changed the login interface for Now when I try to log in it doesn't prompt me to log into a Salesforce instance, it just asks me to fill in an email address and password directly on the page (see screenshot). Alternatively, I can use LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter to log in.

When I enter the email address an password associated with the Salesforce instance that I use for my Trailblazer (Success) Community account, I get an error message that says "the e-mail address and/or password you specified are not correct."User-added image

Separately--on Trailhead account is tied to my LinkedIn credentials instead of a Salesforce instance. When I encountered the above error I tried the LinkedIn option to log into Trailblazer Community Groups"; this got me in, but it set up a brand new account from scratch instead of logging me into my existing account.

Can anyone tell me what's going on here? Is there a way to log into using a specific Salesforce instance like we do here? If so, how do I do that?

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Tom HoffmanTom Hoffman
This is fun, this was the #1 question at the Community Kiosk at Dreamforce last week. 

Soo...we used to use a platform called 'SplashThat' to manage our user group meetings, I can say amongst the User Group leader set I don't recall it winning a popularity contest. 

At the end July, the Success Community was rebranded and with that came the new site & branding.  This is entirely different from the platform where you used to sign in (SplashThat) that was connected to your success trailblazer community credentials. 

With this new platform, you can register with an email or social sign-on, which is great for all attendees that may not have a specific salesforce login that are interested in learning more about Salesforce, WiT groups, etc. 

To summarize:

1) Success Community = Trailblazer Community
2) ^ these credentials are still the same, you can access your Community Group chatter page, answers, etc through them
3) SplashThat uses to use these same credentials, but was retired in August. 
4) There is a new platform, Bevy, that requires you to register with your email or social logins and all previous ones do not work.